Funding Membership


Yearly membership would give you a 25% discount on ticket prices, early booking and the opportunity to meet individuals from the choir



Yearly membership would give you a 35% discount on tickets, early booking, the chance to meet individuals from the choir and an invitation to watch a rehearsal.

Sponsor a Singer

This will cover costs for one of our singers during one tour. It will include travel, board, catering and allowing us to pay a professional fee. It will also give you the opportunity to meet give yourself and a guest free tickets to performances during the tour. Talk to us about your individual presentation of your support.

Corporate Sponsorship

Corporate sponsership can be discussed on an individual basis. 25,000-35,000 could cover travel, board, catering and give a professional fee for the entire choir to do one tour. Feel free to sponser the choir for numerous tours! In return your company would receive recognition on our site, social media and on concert programmes. You would also get free tickets for concerts and the opportunity to meet the choir and attend rehearsals/recording sessions.


One-off donations of any amount are very welcome! 

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