We are a new choir that brings together singers from all over the world.


Our goal is to bring about a culture of peace through singing together, both as individuals and as part of our choral community, which is growing from project to project. We have only one planet and our common aspiration should be to honour it and treat all of its creatures with care. This will help us to have a secure future that is not shaped by heat and drought, by storms and floods, by violence, terror and wars.


We invite you to sing with us!

The WORLD CHOIR FOR PEACE was founded by conductor Nicol Matt under the patronage of the German UNESCO Commission in 2018. This marked the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War with their first concert in Berlin, with 2,000 singers from more than 30 countries. They came together to sing for peace, performing Karl Jenkins The Armed Man, conducted by the composer himself. This concert was televised in several European countries and performed together with the World Orchestra for Peace. Following the outstanding success of the event, the World Choir for Peace has become committed to being a musical ambassador for peace worldwide. The choir is to be established internationally, in cooperation with the city of Hanover, UNESCO, the UN and the Mayors for Peace organisation.

The Core Choir consists of 24 professional singers from 16 different nations. The sing-along projects expand the choir with around 2,000 music enthusiasts from all over the world, coming together to sing for peace and the preservation of our planet. Supporting this idea are well-known international artists and composers who have written pieces especially for the choir, which touch our innermost emotions. They encourage us to use the resources of this earth carefully, to protect human rights, to promote international understanding and tolerance for each other and to create a culture of peace and awareness in which the worship of our nature can again find a place within our world.


We invite singers from all over the world who are passionate about music to join us on our projects and sing with us as part of The World Choir For Peace.


Next concert project: CONCERT FOR PEACE, 6th August 2021 in the Kuppelsaal Hanover, Germany.


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